A view from the porch








Green Acres is the place to be

Farm living is the life for me

Land spreading out so far and wide

Keep Los Angeles give me that countryside



Well we did it…bought a house and 50 acres (well 48.18 to be precise)…got the kids settled and moved lock, stock, barrel, 2 dogs, 1 snake, 4 vehicles, and a lifetime of memories from Palmdale, CA to Stateline, LA.  Now for us LA means Louisiana not Los Angeles.


In this year of our Lord 2016 we hit some major milestones-most in June.  April finished her PlaceCorps program at Loyola Marymount with the completion of her Master’s Degree in Education, Andrew graduated from Palmdale High  School, and Randy retired.


Over the summer and early fall we bought the Green Acres property in Louisiana, helped April move to Fresno where she will live while teaching science at Caruthers High School, moved Andrew up to the dorms at Fresno State where he is starting his undergraduate experience,  sold the Palmdale house,  and orchestrated the move from CA to LA.


So far, so good. We have lots of work to do here on the property, and are slowly adjusting to a major lifestyle change. We miss our CA family, friends and neighbors, but love this place and being near family here.


Lots of love and hugs to all from Green Acres.